Thursday, March 27, 2008

What a Week!

Two weeks, actually,... or has it been three?

Just to hit some highlights- or lowlights, Jim has had a couple of relapses of the Haitian gut-bug that laid him low while he was there, including nearly being admitted to the hospital. Fortunately he had been pushing the fluids and Gatorade, so his test results didn't push him in. I think a couple of kids were sick... yes, Erin and Isaac missed a bunch of school. They went back just in time for the teachers to say, "have a nice Spring Break!". So we had sick people and I was working at Curves three days a week for a couple of weeks. This week I will have worked at Curves four days, mornings and evenings, and gone with Kate for banquet serving twice- once the week's over.

I hope that sufficiently explains my confusion as to what the recent weeks have held. Add Bible study preparation and the actual meetings once a week. Being only Thursday, I am still looking forward to more work to come, but this is all good. It's exhausting, but I'm aiming for the laminate flooring that we found for a real bargain price, to put in the basement- yay!

Jim did get a bit more done down there between illnesses and we are ready to get more walls up this weekend. We've decided to add a pantry closet at the base of the stairs in order to free up some kitchen space. Hooray! There is room aplenty for that addition to the plan, so why not? This guest room, with closet and pantry will make a huge difference in the house right away.

I realize that I'm rambling now, so I'm done. Just wanted to post something to reassure myself that I'm actually awake.

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Anonymous said...

Did you rip out the basement flooring?? Make sure Jim gets a friend to help with the install, it is so much smoother with two! Too bad his friend David didn't live closer!