Thursday, March 06, 2008

Irish Eyes Are Smilin'!

It's official! Kate has been invited to come to Dublin, Ireland as an intern with the Mission to the World, (MTW) missionaries there! She will soon receive her "welcome packet" and begin working with her MTW contact on things like budget and fundraising. Then once her funds are in place and her ducks in a row she will fly away to the Emerald Isle for an 11 month stay!

She has already established a blog, called Jeepers, to record her stay and keep those of us on the homefront updated on her doings. I am so excited for her. How amazing is it that the baby we named eighteen years ago, "Kate Kelly" , would be going to Ireland to serve in Missions?! She is practically beside herself with excitement.

Meanwhile, it is another lovely, warm, promise-of-Spring day. When I got into the van after work at 1, the interior was warm! Yay! I just love the feeling of sun-warmed car in the early Spring! There are yard chores to do, flower beds to prepare and maybe even veggie beds to organize, but today I am going to enjoy the sunshine and we are grilling tonight!

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