Saturday, March 08, 2008


This morning I completed the last pages of The Mystery of Providence. Those last chapters were worth the whole read. It does seem that the whole book is saying the same thing several ways for most of the beginning. But as I approached the end, the theme was taken deeper, to personal application in one's own trials and questions. Right to where the fears and uncertainties surrounding "sanctified afflictions" assault the heart and mind. I almost wonder if it could be read from the midway point forward?... Maybe not. It builds toward the final ideas, so it is all necessary.

Now on to the next book, The Godly Man's Picture, by Thomas Watson.

In other news, I had to pick Erin up early from a sleep-over birthday party because she was running a fever and had thrown up! Poor baby, we really did not see this coming for her. Last night the party went bowling, and you know what a pleasant atmosphere a bowling alley can be, (cough, cough). She figured the discomfort she was feeling was due to the loud, smoky bowling alley. She is asleep in her own bed now.

Last night we again hosted Bible Study at our home. On the menu was Spaghetti Pizza-style, which I haven't made in years. John admitted to feeling a bit dubious when hearing what we would be serving, but rather enjoyed it at dinner! I was even able to sneak in whole wheat pasta, (Barilla brand) without anyone realizing until I revealed the secret! We watched some of Jim's Haiti photos in a slide show on the TV before dinner, then sat down to an abundant feast,... hmmm.

Bekah had a friend from Culinary class come to spend the night so they could practice pie pastry. (shucks) The week before they had done pastry in class for the first time and Bekah, having made pastry many times at home- many times- turned out a prefect pie crust that really wow-ed her Chef. Her friend Amelia had trouble, so naturally we must help to perfect her pie-making skills! They turned out fabulous blueberry and cherry pies last night, then apple and apricot this morning. Breakfast was yummy!

I'll be leaving in a couple of hours for the first time out with my secondary part-time job- banquet serving. The event we'll be doing is Kosher, at a Synagogue near Philly, possible a Bar Mitzvah. It's a very rainy day and I have an hour to drive, so Jim has gotten the van cleaned up inside and out so I can offer to drive others as well. If not, then I'll drive alone. I like to be behind the wheel, thank you very much.

What I didn't realize when I accepted this for today is that it's our Anniversary. I knew that it was coming around on the calendar- same date every year, but I had forgotten on Monday when this was arranged! I feel awful. With sick kids and Jim still recovering from "Papa Doc's Revenge", going out would have been a bad idea anyway. But a quiet evening at home would sure be nice. sigh.

Better run, much to do before I dress up and run off.

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