Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Summer Adventures

Our summer was unusual in that, for the most part, we only had one child at home!  For a brief time in April everyone was home - even Nathaniel, on leave from Afghanistan.  We had a houseful again, with the activities, special meals, and memories made that accompany each of our reunions.  Shortly thereafter, however, our family dispersed and we had a flurry of activity before settling down to a mostly quiet, and brief, summer.

Summer Run-Down

This has been a rather hectic, unstructured, running- literally- in every direction, sort of Summer.  I will not attempt to re-construct the entire past several months now, but merely share the highlights.  I may even miss some of those.  Here's one aspect of my summer...

Last spring when I resumed my running I must have felt awfully good about it.  In a flush of optimistic confidence I registered for not one, but two fall races.  While one of those races was a repeat of last year's half-marathon, the second race was a full marathon.  (Yeah, like I said, I must have been feeling pretty good...)  Training with any regularity was difficult during the school year- and especially last May when we ended up in a hurry-scurry of events and commitments that had us all over the map, from Hyde Park, NY to southwestern Virginia, (another story entirely).