Tuesday, March 18, 2008

More Geese!

Just to be sure we had covered all the views, and had all the kids out to see them, we returned to Middle Creek Sunday evening to see the geese in the evening. Beginning with the visitor's center, we showed the girls all we had seen on Saturday morning without them. Then we took the driving tour around the lake and came upon a field white with thousands of geese!

They were lifting off as we approached and filled the sky with their cries and motion.

We parked on the side of the road and went for a closer look once they had landed in a field nearby.

Then the sun broke through the clouds for a stunning display over the main body of the lake, where, if you look closely, there is another huge flock of geese lifting off.

While we are out here we might as well take one of the short trails down to the water's edge! Temperature dropping, leaf-covered muddy ground churned by hundreds of visitors before us, yet, let's take a hike! Fortunately it was short and quick, if not painless. Our appreciation for the heater in the van rose by leaps and bounds as we piled back in, hoping to feel our extremities again!

Enough of the geese. Why can't they migrate in a nice, warm, convenient month? Where they are headed it is far colder than here,... Bye bye!

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