Friday, July 13, 2007

Busy Summertime

Just to catch up with some random things that are going on, and attempting brevity, here's the latest...

Our A/C is out, so the hot days are interesting, but fortunately they are also few. Our Milo is nothing if not an afficianado of total comfort, as shown here, caught snoozing in front of a fan... He really knows how to keep cool!

We've begun some landscaping work of our own, attempting to transform the island in our driveway from chaos to orderly garden. Still in process as I write, I'll try to follow up with some finished photos, meanwhile, here's the help!

For her birthday Kate wanted to go "cliff-jumping". Yup, just what it sounds like. There's a lake nearby with a couple of spots where a jump off the cliff into the water is not only possible, but also popular. Introduced to it by the kids of our friend, who is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, we figured that it must be safe if they're allowed to go. Laura Sallade joined us and enjoyed at least 8 fabulous jumps into the lake while Kate psyched herself out and only jumped twice...

How cool...

Erin has become the proud owner of two bunnies... yup, more animals. Here's Otis, our bunny with some color, Snowflake is an albino. Both are adorable. Now to build a better hutch...

July 4th we went to the nearby Daniel Boone Homestead, where the Boone family lived before moving West. The house is surrounded by the woods where young Daniel first learned to hunt.

Re-enactments of Revolutionary times were around every corner.

The Shillington Community Days Festival lasts all week, culminating in fireworks on Saturday evening. The kids went several evenings for rides and games, and we all went Saturday together. One of the blurred cars on this ride holds Erin, Bekah and a friend...!

Happy 4th!

One last photo- Here's Bekah with Dr. Cook, who is overseeing her scoliosis. The brace is now on for 23 hours a day and her only complaint is the heat.

That's all for now!