Monday, September 29, 2008

Pity the Mouse That Invades Our Domain...

Sunday afternoon we noticed that Milo was rather intently focusing on something underneath the shoe shelf next to the front door. Having had spiders invading our space lately, we naturally figured that it was time for another arachnid to die. Bekah and Kate assisted by lifting the shoe shelf so that I could see where the target was, when, what to my wondering eyes did appear- a Mouse! (Milo knew all along) Given the increased space, Milo rushed in to get the scared little creature- which outmaneuvered him and boldly made for another corner of the living room!

The girls, hot on the trail, moved the couch so that Milo could continue the pursuit, and our furry prey managed to get under the bookshelf in the corner.

There were moments when we thought it was back under the couch- so naturally, Kate and Bekah feel they need to jump on the couch...

Aha! We have you in our sights...

Poor little guy. But, it's him or us.
(I photoshopped in the dust and detritus to give this a more authentic look- wink!)

We brought Emmi in after Milo lost interest. He must have figured the girls would get it.

But Emmi is not a team player- she ditched us and we put Milo back into the arena.
Kate managed to tease it out from under the shallow set of shelves, yet it made its way to the deeper bookshelves! Better view, but farther recessed out of reach. Now we wait...

Waiting is for the birds! Let's get Emmi back in here!

We see you...

"Look, you guys are nuts. I prefer to work alone."

Sure enough, after all that effort, the mouse got away. Another attempt by Kate to chase it out with the ruler emboldened it to run right across Milo's belly and disappear! So we all retreated to our various pursuits, reading, going to youth group, licking our coats, sharpening claws, etc. Knowing that we shared our home with not only a mouse, but a very ineffective cat gave us each something upon which to ponder.

The mouse, meanwhile, was surely regaling his buddies with the tale of his harrowing escape. They must have been slapping him on the back and buying him another round. Yet, as the beer flowed and his ego grew, his doom was only more certain. For it is arrogance that causes stupid mistakes. Unnecessary risks are taken for granted when one considers himself bullet-proof...

Around 1 am we heard Kate call up the stairs,"Emmi has the mouse!"

Sure enough, Emmi had bided her time, waiting for the hysterical gang to go to sleep so that she could work alone...

"Dance, mouse."

She played him out until not an ounce of swagger was left.

Due to the graphic nature of the remainder of this encounter, no more photographs will be displayed. Let it hereby be known that Emmi is the reigning champion in our home. She was allowed to keep her kill, the better to encourage her mousing prowess in the future.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Why We Won't Be Buying New Curtains For The Living Room ...

Our sweet, sweet Milo kitty just loves to nap on this couch in the front room next to the window overlooking the flower bed. Sometimes he'll stretch. Sometimes, as he stretches, he'll reach out with his claws and grab- the better to hold his stretch.

His lifestyle, poor kitty, is so strenuous, between naps here and naps there, that a change of position is vital to his well-being. The ability to grab something with his claws so that his body can simply hang suspended for a bit is crucial.

Poor kitty. Milo really needs to learn to relax...

Fall is in the Air!

I have, after a Summer hiatus, resumed occasional walks with my buddies Heidi and Suzy. Being another pair of friends made outside of my church, I feel more connected to my community somehow in my relationship with them. Yet it goes deeper than that. Not only do we solve the world's problems as we pound the pavement, we encourage one another, we laugh, we share our frustrations, our dreams, and our hearts. Heidi's my "cuz" after all, being a Wallace. (her Dad's name was Guy William Wallace III!)

That said, I played hooky from our walk Thursday so Kate and I could spend some time together, drive around and take pictures of the beautiful stuff that we see on our walks. Don't you know that along the way we ran into Heidi and Suzy- pounding pavement and exhilarated by the fresh air and the accomplishment of reaching a farther goal. (That I missed out on, sigh, can't have it both ways.)

Enough said, here are a few photos from that little expedition.

me, Heidi, Suzy- the wearing of red was not planned,
we're just that 'in synch' with one another... HA!

I love it when the sunlight filters through the corn like this, and it's at that
brief point where the stalks are almost looking purple...


Morning sunshine... there's a hopefulness to it.

"Why, hello!"

Aren't these little fellas cute?

Such a blue sky...

Yup, fall is coming.

Down the road...

Oh, what a feelin'!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Scouting Resumes

Another Scouting year has begun, and Isaac is now a Webelo 2. Tuesday was the first Pack Meeting of the year and the awards for summer activities were handed out. Every one of the boys were busy over the summer, but Callum Smith and Isaac Kelly had their every move written down and consequently they earned a whole lot of goodies for their uniforms!

Isn't he cute?
Mr. Mangan reads the list...

Webelo Activity badges for :
Compass Point
Academic/ Sports Awards for:
Table Tennis


We're so proud of our little guy!

Since we moved to the area Scouting has become such a neat part of our lives here. When we moved, as we have several times, we expected to find friends through whichever church God would settle us into. This has been the pattern in the past, and held true here as well. However, what we didn't expect were the friendships we'd make through scouting. This group of parents has proven to be so warm and friendly, whether we are at a simple meeting, a parade or camping. They are all from the community near us and we run into them outside of scouting as well. There are many years to go yet, and knowing this bunch, they'll be fun ones!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Back to Field Hockey!

Erin is back onto the field with her hockey stick and her team. As an eighth grader this year she had expected to be playing on the varsity team, but 21 ninth graders chose to play down on the Middle School team, so only a few of last year's junior varsity team were able to move to varsity. Unfortunately, Erin wasn't one of them. So she, while disappointed, feels that she is able to help the new girls who are playing for the first time.

Erin has also had a couple of "injuries" that have slowed her down right at the beginning here. She hurt her right arm playing outside with her friends- also field hockey players- the week before the first game. The Athletic Trainer at the High School had been taping her arm before practices and games. Then at the end of an away game she and a player from the other team collided, knocking heads. Concussion was initially ruled out, but we were told to watch her closely. She was fine, besides the headache and the bump that lasted a few days.

When she plays she certainly gives it her all!

Once again, we are blessed to participate in a car pool to get these girls home after games and practices. Not only is it nice to have help with the driving, but the girls in our little group are all so nice- as are their parents!

Rhianna, Megan, Danine, Erin, Daisy, and Erin Bleacher

Monday, September 15, 2008

Denial No More

Another birthday,... big deal. So what. What difference does it make,... really?

For years I have felt too young. Married early, started the family soon thereafter, always playing catch-up. I'm often the youngest among my friends. Never feeling quite old enough, or grown up enough. Perhaps "mature" is the word I'm reaching for here?

So when I get a call from the Doctor's office telling me that my cholesterol is elevated enough that they want me to start medication to bring it down, and my first reaction was, "No way!" I assumed it was because I know that my diet is decently healthy, I'm exercising as much as I can, and my genetics are against me.

Then it occurred to me. Deep in the recesses of my conscience I consider those who take medication for chronic, well... anything, must be... old.

Surely that's not lingering back there! Some kind of fear of aging? What's up with that?! I've always looked forward to growing up- and certainly don't feel as if I've arrived at that particular destination! Even if I have, I've anticipated it, longed for it, hoped and waited for it! I even stopped coloring my gray hair out of my delight in appearing- to strangers anyway- wise and mature. (worth a shot!) To be fearful in any way seems wrong somehow.

But now I am taking a medication designed to lower my cholesterol. Every night. The prescription will last for 6 months, at which time we'll check the old pipes again for buildup.

So I'm 42, I have a 22 year-old son followed by 4 other children, I'll soon have a son-in-law... Whether I act like it or not, whether I feel like it, I have arrived!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Kentucky Photos

As promised, I did take pictures in Kentucky, though fewer than I thought I might. Our time was simply so relaxing and homey that I forgot much of the time to have the camera out!

We've just arrived, and head straight to the kitchen for refreshment.
(Mary, Sarah, Alex, Kate)

Mary's first look at the ring "in person"!

Kate and Jina Mei looking at family scrapbooks.

Mary has a whole flock of hummingbirds that zoom from
one feeder to the next almost constantly.
Mary and Alex in the kitchen, preparing something absolutely wonderful.

Mother and son- beautiful.

Mary's amazing Bruschetta... oh yeah.

How cute can they be?

We are savoring the Bruschetta as fast as Mary and Alex can plate it!

Cute Sarah (sorry Kate)

Mary and I took a walk around their lovely property.

Alex's Artichoke and Spinach dip- yum!

Kate, Alex and Hans

Sarah, Mary and Jina Mei.
Alex and his China Doll.

This could end badly...
Mary and me, at the end of our weekend, and the beginning of our friendship.