Saturday, March 01, 2008

Update From Haiti

Jim has called twice and emailed once from Haiti. He and the guys arrived safely with no undue burdens getting through customs. Below is an excerpt from his email.

Saturday we travel to Lagonav (Ile De la Gonave) via ferry boat. We will visit one of the churches and meet some of the folks Ben is developing as leaders. On Sunday we will worship at 2 of the churches on Lagonav. It should be quite a weekend - with no electricity to boot!

Thus far no signs of rot gut or sundry ailments. Although I have seen a very large rat and some scorpions...

The little bit we have seen of the people, poverty, and pestilence was quite an eye opener. Most of our time has been at the house with the Hopps working on the porch... Yesterday, we did go to the pool and beach at the Kaliko Beach Resort near the Hopps' home. It was nice, I found some nice shells.

While they are traveling away from the home base they are out of touch by phone of email. As it happens, Jim's cell phone hasn't worked since they arrived- he thought it would, but there must not be the right kind of service. It's probably a good thing that his phone is off and he can be completely free of that particular taskmaster while he's away.

John Flavel would agree... it's providential.

Meanwhile, today was Pinewood Derby day for Isaac! His last Derby as a matter of fact. the Webelos one year ahead of his den did not compete- Isaac's was the oldest group to run their cars. It was, as always, an exciting event. I know Jim hated to miss it. Photos to follow once my Cuz Heidi sends them out!

Today Erin brought up our neighbors log splitter and with the help of her friend, Erin, they split up several loads of the cut tree that is stacked in the yard. Kate, Bekah and Isaac went out for a turn later. We hope to have most of it finished before Jim gets home- something off of his list of things to do.

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