Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Home Again!

Jim is home from his visit to Haiti with a tan, souvenir or two, lots of photos, and a bug in his gut that he'd rather not have found. I have been going through his photos and am amazed at what they saw and did while they were there. When he wrote about poverty and pestilence, he was not kidding. While Milo was greeting him with ecstatic purring and miaows, he told me that there are no cats in Haiti. Evidently the half-starved dogs that roam the streets would eat any cat, which is very bad, because the rat and mouse population are spreading disease.

Having seen the Doctor already today Jim will be on clear liquids and jell-o for a few days yet along with the Cipro he's just picked up from the pharmacy. After some further tests are run we may know in a few days what exactly is eating him, but then again, we may not.

Below are a sampling photos that he took, I'll go through the disk of the others' pictures and post some later. Perhaps I can even convince Jim to sit in as a guest columnist after he has rested up some more. Brace yourself, this is longer than usual...

(To read captions just pass your mouse over the individual photos.)

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avalarue said...

Hey. I'm sure glad Jim made it home in time to get some meds. I remember when Graham went to Ukraine with a mission trip. There were about 50 of them and only the big cheese preachers stayed in hotels - the rest were in villages and at the mercy of their hosts. Graham already had himself on Cipro and ate very little local food. But the men in his village were dropping like flies with dysentery. He was dispensing Cipro like jelly beans! Even our American bellies are spoiled!