Monday, March 10, 2008

Much Happening

Where to begin? Let's see, Erin's illness maintained its ferocity over the weekend and a visit to the Doctor confirmed a diagnosis of Strep. The Doctor warned her that she may have to wait up to 15 minutes for the test to give a result, so when the results were strongly positive in 3 minutes there was no doubt that she had it bad. Jim took her in since I was working at Curves this morning and he was given a prescription for the same thing since he sounds and looks almost as bad as Erin! Poor guy, first the travel bug, now this. They are quarantined until Thursday at least, and I'm figuring out how to Clorox-bomb our whole house. Until the siege is over the rest of us are holding our breath!

Saturday I worked my first job as a banquet server. While the drive to Philly in the pouring rain was no picnic, the event was interesting at least, entertaining at times, and a feast for the senses with the foods the chefs had turned out! We went to serve at the annual fund raiser for a Temple and began by helping to set up. I helped plate food for the buffet and get it to the tables. The theme was Cuban- Havana casino night, so all of the food and music were Cuban! Yum! First Cuban feast I've seen without a roasted pig!

By the time we were finished I'd probably walked ten miles carrying dirty dishes to the kitchen, running errands and then cleaning up. Eleven hours after the clock started at the beginning of our drive we returned to the parking lot where I deposited the others who I'd driven. Tired, feet aching, yet kind of excited that I had actually done it. I really missed being home with my family, but doing this now and then to help out with the projects and plans will be neat.

This morning was my 4 hours at Curves, two of them on my own. I am feeling more comfortable there and liking it more every day. Being able to work out while I work is a nice perk, but on top of that the ladies who come in are just all so friendly and the sense that I am part of helping them to live healthier lives is at least a nice thought.

I have just begun The Godly Man's Picture by Thomas Watson and am already struck by the concise way in which he is delivering his points. Straight to the point, meat in every morsel, he delivers his message. It appears that he will build his picture of a Godly man brick by brick, laying first a foundation, so that as I progress through the book I will gradually see this man emerge. Since I've borrowed the book I can't be marking it up- shucks- so I'll just have to take better notes!

Tomorrow is Bible Study at church, so I'd better sit down with my materials one more time to be sure I'm ready... No time spent in God's Word is ever wasted; I pray that my time will be invested wisely in order to benefit others in some small way through this study.

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