Friday, February 01, 2008

A Snowless Snow Day.

This morning we were notified by the school's new phone alert system that school is closed due to the freezing rainstorm that has covered the roads with ice. We were all able to sleep in a bit more- yay!- and now the kids are helping me prepare for our Bible Study here tonight! I do have to get out to the store later, which will be oh, so fun on our hill. I canceled an early morning appointment for Bekah to see her Orthopedic Doctor in my aversion to driving in this stuff. Her back won't change that much in a week!

So we have gone through most of the winter without a really decent snow for sledding. The last snow only stayed for a day or so. Not that I'm complaining! I am hoping that we won't have any more broken trees from this. The one outside my window is leaning precariously again,... but it's survived worse in recent months.

Something warm and yummy baking in the oven is just what we need, so I'm going to root through the cupboards now and see what I can find!

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