Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Here We Go...

Jim is, as I type, on a plane to Haiti with our Pastor, Wendell Stolzfus, and another elder from our church, Dave Lucas. They are traveling with suitcases full of tools and a new ceiling fan in its box as one of their carry-ons! I'm praying that they get through Haitian customs with everything intact! Besides working on some construction projects for the Missionaries there, they will be checking out the various churches planted and ministered to by our denomination, (Orthodox Presbyterian). Yes, February is a sweet time of the year to travel to a Caribbean nation, no, Haiti isn't normally a first-choice destination. Please be praying for their health and safety, as well as for the prospective partnership of our church with the work being done there.

Wow, is the house ever quiet without Jim working downstairs...

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, I will be starting a new job today. That's right, gainful employment. I'll be working part-time at a nearby Curves. Not sure what my actual title will be, the unofficial description of my duties falls under "holding down the fort". This is part-time enough to allow me to still lead the Bible study at church Tuesday mornings and maintain our home and be Mom. I'm thinking that there will be benefits to working in a Curves- particularly in the areas of health and fitness. It's not over-the-top the way many health clubs can get. No "Boca Babes" as far as I know!

A secondary part-time job that Kate and I will be starting together this weekend is banquet serving for a local firm that hires out Hospitality services to hotels and banquet facilities. We'll be serving at a nearby Country Club Friday evening. Sure hope we don't drop anything on the guests!

With future trips for which we want to be saving and some big projects around the house that need to move faster, this additional income will be a real blessing.

Now to care for my own home!

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