Thursday, February 21, 2008

Reading the Puritans

While tooling around the internet, following links in blogs I enjoy, I found an intriguing challenge. The 2008 Puritan Reading Challenge is set forth to spur one's personal Spiritual growth by reading 12 Puritan works in 2008. I can't figure out- yet- how to get the "button" to work as a link in my sidebar, so for now just follow the text link that I've added.

Behind by about 6 weeks, I am nevertheless going to begin with John Flavel's "The Mystery of Providence" and attempt to finish it in 7 days- gulp. I was planning to read through a book on providence anyway in order to supplement the study that I will be leading on prayer.

We already have so many Puritan works on our shelves; this will be an excellent discipline to get me through a number of them. No more wishing- let's read!

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