Monday, February 25, 2008

Erin's Thirteenth Birthday Party!

For her birthday this year, Erin wanted to do something beyond merely celebrating herself; she wanted to do something for others. As it providentially happens, our neighbor, Nancy List, is involved in a community outreach called the "Souper Bowl".

Having a studio and kiln in her basement, Nancy leads workshops throughout the year for groups to make bowls from clay, decorating each in their own unique fashion, which she will then fire and glaze, (and fire again) producing a beautiful piece of artwork. The bowls are then gathered together for the actual event in May, called the Souper Bowl. People buy tickets for an evening of soup, choosing a bowl to take home. The proceeds go to a homeless outreach in Reading, the Opportunity House.

To see a slide show from last year's event, click here-Reading Eagle slideshow.

Nancy very graciously offered her home studio for our own little workshop and Erin had several friends join her to make "souper" bowls! Here's our own slideshow! (Again, to see the captions, just pass your mouse over the individual photos.)

Our sweet Erin has grown so much this year. Becoming involved in field hockey, discovering a growing interest in sewing, rabbit husbandry, learning to care for her own health and care about others. It has been so interesting to watch her blossom since we have moved here. Having several friends right in our neighborhood has been such a blessing- every one of them sweet girls. The friends from church have been equally a joy and we are blessed to see Erin surrounded by such godly young women.

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