Thursday, November 02, 2006

We Have a New Dog!

She looks just like Vali, snuggles just like Vali, naps and plays just like Vali, but this dog is obedient and good. All it took to get this dog was a small investment in an electric collar with a remote. I put this marvelous new collar onto a bad doggie and she is transformed into a good doggie! I could just skip all the way through our morning walk. We knew that Vali was smart, we had no idea that it would take a mere two zaps, (instead of the recommended two weeks) to train her to this new device, (and no, I don't have it cranked to "cattle prod"!). Now instead of a constant tug of war, our walks are pleasant fo both of us; my arm isn't pulled out of joint and Vali can sniff stuff and trot along without hauling me down the road.

When I tried her in the backyard it was as if our runner had been exchanged for a loyal, hang around with the folks dog! I showed her the boundary, clearly marked by flags where the non-working invisible fence is, and if she gets too close to it I zap her once with the remote. Now she has the freedom off leash to run with her sticks and chase her kids. Watching her run and play like a dog should was almost overwhelmingly joyful. Now she can enjoy our new home too! We have room for her to really stretch out and run, unlike the teeny back yard in Coral Springs, with leaves and sticks galore to romp in and play with. What a relief. The kids spent nearly an hour playing with her in the yard after school. They'll all sleep well tonight!

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Anonymous said...

Do they sell those for toddlers and preschoolers? Joking. :-)