Friday, November 10, 2006


The mascot and the band kid in the funny hat.

Kate with friends Ali and Tyson.

Our newly adopted home team has made it to the playoffs, and in a curious twist of weather, tonight's game was the warmest we've yet attended. Once again the stands were packed with folks from the community, from grandparents to infants, with everybody cheering on the Mustangs as they won by a single point in a terrific game, (14-13). Now I don't understand anything about football beyond touchdowns, (my Texas relatives must be so ashamed...) but when our guy has the ball and is sprinting for the end zone I'll jump to my feet and yell with the rest of the faithful.

Erin sat with me, Kate was with the Seniors, and Isaac ended up playing a little ball himself with a group of boys next to the stands. He ended up covered in mud and grinning from ear to ear. Friday nights are really a blast here.

There's a local station that has a show every Friday night, "The Big Ticket", that replays the highlights of all the local high school football games, just like the big leagues. There's a cameraman at every Governor Mifflin game and tonight was no exception. We watched the show tonight and not only were the great plays shown, but also a shot of the Seniors in the stands, jumping up and down and cheering their team, with Kate and her friends! How cool is that?

Jim and Rebekah were not at the game with us tonight because one of Bekah's church friends was in a school play and had given her tickets. So they enjoyed a Father/ daughter evening in Reading, appreciating the arts, while the rest of us were enjoying the psuedo-neanderthal sport of football.

And a marvelous time was had by all.

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