Monday, November 13, 2006

New Things

Wow, what a weekend! We're all still sore from raking an abundance of leaves and the other yard tasks we were able to complete on Saturday. The weather was amazingly mild for us all last week and it was actually in the upper 60's and low 70's on Saturday- notice the t-shirts we were wearing! Sunday dawned rainy and so it remains today. Clearly time to stay inside and focus on interior things.

Before I go any farther I need to announce that we have heard from Nathaniel! A month went by without a peep from him and I was growing increasingly concerned. A google search for his Camp in Iraq had taught me that it's not as safe a location as he'd assured me and his silence was causing a little lost sleep here. Well, he emailed Kate with the sad tale of a bad internet connection and I cried tears of relief. Now I'm ready to break his kneecaps! If the internet's down, pick up a pencil! Oh, that boy of mine...

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we had guests from church over to enjoy a Cuban feast after church yesterday. They were kinda test subjects, as we aren't entirely finished with painting, shelving and unboxing in a few areas. But they're the couple who work with the youth group, so we figured they would be flexible. We enjoyed our afternoon getting to know them, enjoying a meal and playing Apples to Apples. You learn a lot about people in that game... It felt so good to relax with company at last. We are looking forward to sharing our home with lots of folks now that we're (mostly) settled in.

I hope you're sitting down, because this next bit was unexpected for me too. Kate has joined the girl's Lacrosse team at school. Take a moment to re-read that sentence. You got it, Lacrosse. Of course, she'd never even seen it played before the match she went to on Saturday, but she's got enthusiasm and to spare, so hopefully that counts for something. Erin begins with the Diving team today, having had lessons in Coral Springs. I'll also be signing Erin and Isaac up for Spring Soccer as soon as I confirm that there will be no Sunday practices or games.

If you don't see Bekah in the sports line-up, never fear, she's still with us, just not athletically motivated yet. She is busy with youth group, culinary pursuits and never without a book. She fell in love with mowing the lawn Saturday and has claimed the task as her own. (you go girl!)

Jim has been invited to go Bear Hunting with a friend from church a week from today. He grew up hunting in Western PA and hasn't had a chance to pursue the sport really since we've been married. This invitation, from the first couple we met at the church, is quite exciting and I sure hope he can go. Of course, deer season opens soon, and he wants a piece of that action too. Now if he gets a bear I'm hoping for a rug to lay in front of the fireplace. A deer on the other hand, while plenty neat, will be expected to be cooked and eaten... Man-o-man, here comes Mister "I killed it, you cook it"! Heaven help me.

I'm headed to the basement today to start organizing that mess. We want to get a game area sufficiently clear so that this winter the kids can play down there when the weather doesn't allow for outdoor play. The lady we bought the house from left a great dartboard on the wall down there and we were given a foozeball table which has already seen much use. once I get some order established there I can set up my scrapbooking and get busy with that all over again.

So much to do, and a lighter heart with which to do it! Thank you, everybody who's praying for Nathaniel. You have no idea what a lift my heart has been given.

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