Tuesday, November 07, 2006

On Mowing...

Now that I've experienced the joy of mowing a portion, (yup, portion) of our yard, I feel the need to pause and express these thoughts:

Push doesn't mean walking the land behind a machine, it means pushing said machine across the land.

Pushing has meant hard work for me in only one other context. Did that five times and considered myself done, thank you.

Yelling, "Push!" at the bag of clippings while attempting to empty it is an ineffective means of persuasion.

(Is thinking that an inanimate object needs persuasion an early warning sign of mental instability, or is it too late for me?)

When the chopped leaves and grass start shooting out from under the mower on every side, it's time to empty the bag, ... again.

The bag needs to be emptied at least once every trip around the yard.

"Self-propelled" means that the mower will propel itself up the hill, not that it will drag me too.

I'm going to need new shoes...

Gazing upon a (portion of) yard that I've just mowed all by my little self brings a glow of satisfaction that makes it all worthwhile!

And now back to the laundry!

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Anonymous said...

We need a photo of you on the mower. The boys would love to see that!