Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Normal Life

Now that the big rush to get somewhat settled before Thanksgiving is behind us we can calm down and be normal for a while. Normal, in this case, means sick kids, paying bills, and morning routines becoming actually, well... routine.

Monday was a day off of school, first day of Buck Season and all, so some kids slept over at friends' homes and others slept here. After a slow start to the day and waffles all around we did a bit of winter church clothes shopping before going to see a cute fuzzy movie. At least, we thought we were seeing a cute fuzzy movie... Ugh. Happy Feet is, as World magazine put it, a "bait and switch". (shoulda read the review before spending the cash!) It is nauseatingly cute for about 30 minutes, then the narrow-minded, King James English spouting, oppressive party-poopers show up, followed closely by the not subtle message that humans are destroying the planet, and it's all downhill from there. What a waste. Kate went to see the a different movie with a friend and enjoyed her evening much more.

Shortly after we got home, our too-quiet Isaac threw up. Poor thing, not very tolerant of discomfort, he began yelling, "call the hospital!" But he wasn't dying, he was just sick. We got him settled comfortably with a bucket and he was only sick twice more before falling asleep. Since he spent the entire next day in one spot I'm certain that he was genuinely sick. Which gives me hope that Erin and Kate will now recover quickly, because he is now bouncing around feeling fine while they moaned the day away at home today. Nothing a little homemade chicken soup can't handle!

This morning I spent much more time than I expected on the phone, (groan) with our new Doctor's office getting our information put into their system. Fun stuff like birthdays, insurance card numbers and social security numbers. That doesn't include the forms I'll fill out at each first visit, beginning tomorrow. But it's progress toward really being here.

Once I was able to get off the phone I went to visit a new friend, Joan, from church. We had a neat time talking and laughing together. Getting to know new people can be intimidating for me sometimes, but Joan is an easy-going friend. I can tell that getting to know her will be a blessing.

Our morning routine has normalized enough to add family devotions again. We gather at 6:45 for a Psalm and prayer; praying for one another. To hear Isaac pray for his brother brought tears to my eyes. He actually prayed a lot of the same concerns that I've privately been praying for weeks now. Most of us are NOT morning people, so making the time and holding to it has never been easy, but it is the least flustered time for us all to be together now that Scouts and sports have been added to our lives.

It's time to turn our thoughts and plans Christmas-ward, so some shopping has already been stealthily accomplished. Writing a Christmas letter and getting the annual photo printed will hopefully happen soon and there are cookies and feasts to plan. We will miss the parties we went to every year in Florida and the Church Pageant, and especially our dear friends with whom we shared the holidays. It is our prayer that in the midst of the holiday bluster we are able to keep focus on our Lord and the greatest gift ever, our Saviour. We are living in our biggest "gift" purchase this year, and gratefulness for this home is still a daily phenomenon. Now,... where to put the tree?...

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SZQ said...


I am so glad that you are having a freat senior year and that these people have welcomed you with open arms.
We miss you all.
Sue Cohen