Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Big Spenders!

Oh how Lowes must love us! The change in state, climate, acreage, and therefore lifestyle has made neccesary several big-ticket purchases. These items, while not actually "fun" in a sense, are indicators that life has changed for the better in a blessed way.

Last night we ran on out to our new favorite place to finally purchase a lawn mower, (with bagger) after much soul searching over the "to push or to ride" question. We have at this point elected to push. Since the yard only has one serious mow in it before winter sets in, but the leaves do need to be gathered to one spot to R. I. P., (rot in peace) and another $1000 for comfort isn't in the budget, we now have a lovely new push mower. People pay twice what this mower cost to get memberships to gyms that won't give them the benefits of all the fresh air I'll be sucking in as I push this baby around our yard! Yeah!

We also bought a new washer for our mountains of laundry. Our old faithful, which we moved from PA to FL and now back to PA has finally given up. And it walked all the way across the laundry room floor to tell me so! The new machine is a front loader, which will save our septic system from the hundreds of gallons of water we've been pouring into it since we arrived. (shhh- don't tell the neighbors!) The delivery guys are downstairs now installing this gleaming addition to our family.

So you see, our purchases aren't for fun playthings, but they indicate that we have a great big wonderful yard to maintain, and we have the strength and ability to walk the property pushing a mower. We also have lots of space for the kids to run around and play and dirty their clothes which will need frequent washing. And I have a laundry room in which to wash them! (here's where the choirs of angels sing!)

In other news, I've been meeting some wonderful neighbors on my morning walks with Vali. People here are very warm and welcoming. One dear Christian lady authored a book which she gave us as a gift upon our arrival. Jean often walks on our street and I see her husband out running every morning. Another girl has lived here only a couple of years and it looks as if her boxer and Vali will be good friends. There are others who we see during the day or as we're driving and they always wave. It's a "waving" neighborhood, so neat.

That's all for now, I've gotta give the new washer a "spin" and rev up the mower while the weather is still pleasant!

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