Saturday, November 25, 2006

Middle Creek Crossing

Yesterday was such a splendid day, spent with old friends then ending in a bang! We have known Jeff and Leigh for almost 15 years now. They lived near us in Grove City and are some of the best people to relax and share a meal with. When we found out that we were moving back to PA they invited us to spend the day after Thanksgiving with them on the family farm near Gettysburg. Used as a get-away home for the family and a hunting haven the farm is such a beautiful relaxing place. Driving in through the trees we crossed the creek not by a bridge, but by a shallow ford that creates a lovely waterfall in view of the house. Vali joined us for the day since they had their dogs too, and she had a wonderful time running around with her new friends, Lightning, Casey and Charlie.

We took a walk through the woods to a pond with a fishing deck where we sat in the sun and watched the dogs play chase. No agenda, just sit and visit. Lovely. Jeff and Leigh's son Jonathon and his wife Amanda were also there and our kids taught them a new card game that they played after lunchtime turkey sandwiches. Then Jim and Jeff with a passle of kids went outside to play with Jeff's toy, a flintlock rifle. Jim shot once, then Rebekah shot, and then Isaac lit off some gunpowder on the ground. After an early dinner we took a walk around the field with the dogs who scared up a deer that nearly ran over the kids! Leaving was not easy, but knowing that we are close by again and more visits are possible, we scooted out at 4 pm to get back home for the football game. As soon as we were back on the road Vali collapsed into a semi-coma for the whole drive home. She hadn't stopped once the whole day. Ditto for the kids!

The Big Game between Mifflin and our rival Wilson was predicted to draw a giant crowd, and it sure did. Over 8,500 people filled the stadium area while more tailgated and camped out on the hill beyond the endzone. In the first game of the season Mifflin beat Wilson 14-12, allegedly because 7 of Wilson's players weren't able to play. Those 7 were on the field last night yet their game didn't improve at all. Wilson made the first touchdown and had to be content with that as our team dominated the rest of the game, allowing them one consolation score at the end. We won 47-13! We began the game standing in the back of the student section- poor planing on my part. The only way to see more than kids' fannies was to remain standing on the seats. Every touchdown they crowd literally went wild, jumping up and down and screaming/ waving/ tossing one another around/ blowing or shaking noisemakers. I thought for sure the bleachers would collapse under the strain. Once the Wilson fans started leaving in the 4th quarter, (what was the point of staying?) we were able to actually sit down between amazing plays. Next week's game will be played on a Saturday, 4 hours from here, against a team from State College, PA.

As welcome as a slow morning at home would have been, we were off and running early this morning. Jim took Isaac on a Scout field trip and I took Kate to a Lacrosse game. The boys had fun and Kate played well. She is feeling more confident and it shows. No players were beaten up today like last week!

I've got to get moving and bake a cake for tonight. We joined a dinner group at church, in order to meet more people, and our first dinner is tonight. We are also having company for lunch tomorrow, so I'm hoping to work some leftover magic and whip up a couple of Turkey Pot Pies.

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