Monday, November 20, 2006

Go Team!

What a game Friday night! Jim was able to join us to watch Mifflin win again, 35 to 20. Isaac and his buddies had little megaphones- like they needed those- to cheer on the team throughout the evening. Three times the game had to be stopped for injured players, (theirs) and there were several flags against the opposing team for their rough tactics. In fact, it appears that our quarterback has broken his hand... But don't tell that to the school we play this week! Friday will be the ultimate match-up, so I'm told. The neighboring school and ours have been rivals since their inception, and now they are coming to "our house" for the third round of playoffs. Kate called from school in a panic this morning because the tickets were selling like wildfire, so I ran into town and bought tickets for our family. I must say, we are really enjoying this whole "school spirit" thing!

Saturday morning Kate played in her first ever Lacrosse game. Fortunately for me, I sat in front of a Dad who knew enough about the game to explain what was happening, (huh?). And the girls did very well, tying 11-11 against a well organized and more experienced team. Kate did get reprimanded for running another player down, she's such a bully on the field! Actually, she probably tripped into the girl- she felt terrible. But nobody was injured and they all had fun, so it ended well.

Yesterday was our Church's thanksgiving dinner with the Chinese congregation. What a neat time of fellowship and learning about another culture. Many of the Chinese folks don't speak English, but we had the pleasure of meeting a man who has lived in America for 40 years so we were able to speak freely. The Chinese church brought the appetizers; homemade eggrolls and sushi, and our congregation brought the turkey and fixins. Instead of buffet-style waiting in line with plate in hand, everybody was seated and the youth group served the tables. After dinner we shared a joint worship service, Pastor Stolzfus leading and translated by one of the Chinese ladies. The hymns we sang together, yet each in our own language. The service ended with a time of prayer, everybody invited to pray in his own language as he felt led. This was the most beautiful time of all. Short, simple prayers were offered from all around the sanctuary from young and old. Even children participated, which was so very humbling. Once the service ended it seemed as if, now that we'd worshipped together, there was more warmth and openness in the fellowship as the church slowly emptied. People were simply reluctant to leave and stood about in groups chatting and laughing. What a beautiful foretaste of "every tribe and tongue" in heaven...

And now I'm preparing for our own Thanksgiving feast. It only occured to me yesterday that T-day this week means that Christmas is right around the corner! We are putting together a package to send Nathaniel for Christmas- not being certain how long it will be in transit. The boxes in the house yet unpacked will be stowed in the basement now so that we can decorate for Christmas. I will be spending more time in the basement working on the stuff there, but it's out of our living spaces for now! Jim finished the painting in the dining room this weekend, so I can finish in there! Yay!

So much to do, so little time! Bye for now-

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