Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Time Has Come

Well, here we stand at the end of October. Autumn is falling all around us and the weather is growing wetter and colder. It's time to finish the yard clean-up, clean out the garage, and put away the yard furniture. This week began sunny but has been rainy and wet since Tuesday, yet, the stuff needs to be taken care of, so out we go.

Early in the Summer we cleaned out the basement and identified a garage-full of stuff to throw into a yard sale. But then, the yard sale never happened. Each weekend was busy with one thing or another, and organizing such a sale was bigger than a one-person job. Now it's time to be parking in the garage before the Winter really hits us. It looks like Goodwill will be benefiting from most of the items we intended for the sale. We'll store a few things, but the point was to clear space, not re-arrange the storage needs.

Though the weather is too wet for me to take the camera out into the woods, the colors are still dazzling. The wet leaves with their vibrant colors show up beautifully next to the darkened tree trunks. Overcast skies provide a moody backdrop to a mix of foliage and bare trees, as well as evergreen trees and shrubs, to decorate our yard. I've taken a stroll around our moist yard and captures a few shots of the leaves before they're gone. One of the problems with the rain this week is that it's knocking the leaves off the trees at an alarming rate, before we've really had a chance to enjoy them.

Autumn island

Japanese Maple

Dogwood- beauty in Spring and Fall

The view of the side yard from our bay window....

A tree that sprang up on its own, which we'll be leaving here.
(Not sure what kind it is though.)

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