Monday, October 26, 2009

Quick Visit Across the State

All it takes to see of how fast time flies is a visit to see folks not seen in 10 to 14 years. We did just that this weekend as we returned to Grove City to celebrate the wedding of a family friend. If it weren't for the clear evidence of aging we would have thought we'd gone back in time. Yet the gray hair and failing memories- both mine- testified to the fact that much has changed since we were last in the same room with many of the dear people with whom we spent Saturday afternoon.

Many moons ago we attended church in New Wilmington, PA and were blessed to know, among many others, the Martin family. Their son, Chris, was friends with our Nathaniel. We spent many memorable days with the Martins at their home, swimming in the pond, enjoying the water slide, sharing Thanksgiving. We moved away, yet never entirely lost contact. Chris is now, recently, married, and he and his bride graciously invited us to their reception this weekend. (The wedding took place in Washington state last month.)

What a treat to walk into the church and see our former Pastor, Frank and his now 17 year-old son! Jordan was such a little guy when we last saw him- yet his face wears the same smile as when he was 6 years old. The next person we saw was a friend who has been globe trotting as a Missionary since we moved to Florida. The easy familiarity and enduring relationship with Jay enabled us to pick right up with him as if we'd seen him only last week.

The joy of reunion with dear friends was soon followed by dismay at my own failing memory as apparently complete strangers greeted me by name with exclamations of excitement! Who were these people?! Faint glimmers of recognition weren't enough to help me as I struggled to remember, the recollection dancing always just beyond my grasp. Here is a dear woman, standing before me having known me and recounted her memory of when we last saw one another, now waiting in that precarious moment when it was to be my turn to pronounce her name and declare how I have so longed to see her again...

"I'm sorry, what is your name?"

Oh dear.

But then, we saw Chris and his lovely bride, and the reason for our visit returned to view. Chris is just as dear as we remember, and absolutely walking on air in the joy of introducing his sweet Jasmine to the folks who have known him for his entire life. What fun to be able to sit on the sidelines and watch the interactions between all of these folks, united by a common love for Chris and therefore his wife.

So much more happened over the weekend, but I'll leave that for another post.

Once I can more clearly remember exactly what happened...

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