Thursday, October 01, 2009

Much to Do

This week began slowly, but that was the calm before the storm. Actually, "storm" is probably putting a negative spin on all of the good things that are lined up for us in the coming days. "Whirlwind" may better fit.

Anyway, Jim picked Kate up at the airport on Monday, bringing to a close an amazing two weeks in Texas. She spent 5 days with my Mom helping her at home after her recent surgery, then spent the rest of her time with my Aunt LaRue getting to know a branch of the family who were essentially strangers to her. Kate was, after all, named for Aunt LaRue, and now they are knit together truly as family. What a blessing it was to get the facebook updates of their adventures as Kate was given the red carpet tour of San Antonio. Cousins Meredith and Cristi and their adorable son Adrian were part of the bargain. I predict more opportunities for family sharing in our future (and tacos, and pralines, and giant mugs of sweetea...).

Our recent backyard excavations were only mostly done when the rented machines had to be returned a few weeks back. Our neighbor however, has a brother-in-law who owns just the sort of big toy that Jim needed to finish said projects, and had promised to lend it to us when he got it for his own use (what great neighbors we have). So the new toy was delivered the other night and Jim was able to complete the project as well as a couple of other ideas that came up which machinery made possible. We now have a tad more parking space next to the driveway, hopefully unclogging the bottleneck that our circular drive can become. We have also graded one of the banks next to the road to allow for easier mowing and use for overflow parking when needed. Today I need to get out there and toss aside the rocks and rake the dirt smooth for grass seed (yup, more grass seed...).

Last night Jim took Bekah to her school for a College information night. I am easily confused by the admissions and financial aid process, so she took the parent who can best help her navigate those waters. I just look at the cost and need smelling salts. We are aiming for an in-state school that offers Hospitality Management, not merely Culinary Arts. The clock is ticking...

Tonight Jim and Isaac will be going off in one direction for an adventure, the girls and I going in another. (More on that later)

Tomorrow is where the real spin-up begins for our whirlwind. I'll work in the morning, then in the evening we are hosting our Small Group Bible Study here. There is already a selection of meats marinating in the fridge for grilling since we share a meal each time we meet. This year we are going through the book of Romans together, a chapter each meeting, which is no small task. This week is Romans chapter 2, which, (coincidentally/ providentially) was covered in large part in my reading of Calvin's Institutes this past week. Whoo-hoo! I love a good theological discussion!

Also tomorrow, Isaac leaves for another weekend outing with the Boy Scouts- hiking the PA Grand Canyon. When we drop him off for that he will be turning in his Popcorn fundraiser orders... He has sold, (are you sitting down?) $1100 worth of popcorn! This will earn him his entire Summer Camp cost as well as other prizes and awards. He is beside himself with excitement over his accomplishment and cannot wait to hand over that fat envelope of popcorn cash. I am not a salesperson or a fundraiser, but when this boy puts on his uniform and rings a doorbell he never misses a sale. Way to go Isaac!

Saturday morning will be an event for the ladies of our church which has fallen entirely on my watch as head of Women's ministries at Covenant, and I am sort of nervous. I am not a planner or organizer, and yet we are having a Ladies' Brunch, with a speaker, on Saturday morning. This instead of an actual Fall Retreat, the coordinators of which needed a year off. I'm not sure what possessed me to agree to take over the Women's ministry since I can barely organize my home. My particular focus has been Bible Study for women, which stretches me personally. I have a couple of women on the committee with me who are more experienced and know what they are doing, but in order to delegate, one must have an plan to begin with, right? I hope more women show up than signed up, but I am confident that the Lord will bless those who are there with the fellowship among one another and the wisdom from our speaker.

I'd better get moving, the house won't clean itself, and that dirk is calling for a good raking- where's my clone?!

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avalarue said...

I wish I could be there to help with your planning. I can't count the number of banquets, retreats, and "start-ups" I did with the Bible College and church choirs! The key to success is having lots of help and giving your helpers free rein to do what they do best! Looking forward to hearing all the good news.