Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Popcorn King

Isaac is the Popcorn Selling King! Girl Scouts sell cookies in the Spring, Boy Scouts sell popcorn in the Fall. Isaac patiently went door-to-door throughout our neighborhood, one street after another, over a couple of weeks. Who can resist a Boy in uniform, really? Evidently, not many folks around here can. By the time he was finished Isaac had sold $1100 worth of popcorn!

This morning we picked all that popcorn up for delivery to the wonderful folks who bought from Isaac, and learned that his were the highest sales in the Troop! His Scout Camp for next year is now paid for, and there are several prizes for him as well. He and Jim sorted all of the orders this morning and are now out delivering a car-full of goodies.

We're so proud of Isaac for sticking to his task and accomplishing such a feat. Persistence, determination, hard work. Way to go Isaac!


avalarue said...

I wish I lived in the neighborhood! We love popcorn! Go Isaac!

Jaryn said...

Way to go!
It's in the genes- I was a high seller in Camp Fire Candy.