Saturday, November 07, 2009

House Call on Congress

Thursday, Jim and I were able to go to Washington D.C. with a busload of local Patriots that we found by a frantically quick search of the internet at the last minute on Monday night. This had come about after an announcement of the idea by Congresswoman Michelle Bachman on the Hannity show Friday night. We heard about it as we watched Glenn Beck Monday evening.

Now, to be clear, I do believe that our Health Care System is in need of reform- very much so. What we are protesting is this monstrous overhaul pending in Congress which will bankrupt our Nation and remove freedoms that we cherish. Why must this reform be done in one giant, sweeping measure? Why can't the complexities of the problem be addressed individually, in incremental steps, beginning with tort reform? And why must those in Congress who feel that this must be passed at all costs- oops, no pun intended- treat those of us who disagree with such patronizing disregard? Why?

So, early Thursday morning, Kate drove us to the meeting point for the bus. I wore a t-shirt representing the "Sisterhood of Mommy Patriots", ( over a turtleneck and was thrilled that the weather was mild enough that no coat was needed. Our arrival at Capitol Hill was right on time as the rally was beginning. Already there were ten thousand or more gathered in front of the building, with buses lined up depositing their passengers as far as the eye could see. Jim and I went with our busload until the group found a place on the sidewalk as close to the front as they could get. We then broke away on our own, hopping over a wall to get onto the lawn and more toward the center of the crowd.

We were able to move through a lot of the crowd, stopping to listen, and taking LOTS of great photos. The variety of people who all agree on this issue impressed me greatly. Young and old, families, many races and professions, every walk of life, were represented. People from as far away as California and Oregon. We actually ran into old friends from Florida in line to get into the Cannon Office building!

After the rally ended we, and approximately 30,000 others, (depending on who is reporting) headed to the office buildings. I saw and greeted many others from the Sisterhood network who were wearing the t-shirt. "Hi Mommy"! was always received with a great big smile. Others asked me where I got my awesome shirt, so I was able to direct a few to the network and hope that after all of the excitement they remember to check it out!

Our Representative, Jim Gerlach, is on our side on this issue, and had refreshments waiting in his office. It was standing room only as he answered questions and engaged the discussion with his constituents. Even his aides and interns were ready with smiles and discussions. Our Senators, however, were nowhere to be found. The aides and interns in Senator Casey's office were rather annoyed that we interrupted their day. I heard that Spector's office was even worse.

While in the Cannon Office Building we tried to get to Nancy Pelosi's district office, but the hallway was closed off by the police after a crowd of protesters tore up pages of the bill and threw them on the hallway floor. A bit unruly for my taste- but I wish I had been there with my camera. As it is, I got photos of the police and the paper being swept up...

Overall it was an invigorating day, being surrounded by so many like-minded Patriots in our Capitol. My husband and I are a team, he talks, I shoot- the camera. I hope that my photos tell the story. (Please follow the link below to enjoy the photos, but do not publish or distribute them without my express permission. Thank you.)

House Call on Congress, 11/5/09

I realize that what we did on Thursday was momentous and should be headline news. What happened at Ft. Hood however, has taken, rightly so in so many respects, the forefront. While we focus on Congress today let's not forget to pray for those people and families whose lives have been tragically shattered in the wake of the massacre. Moms well know how to multitask, juggling big issues as they come flying at us from every direction. Our Nation is hurting in many places, being attacked in others. So let's cradle those in need while not taking our eyes off of those who threaten our freedom and our children's future.

God Bless America.

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