Thursday, October 01, 2009

Sisterhood of Mommy Patriots

Tonight Jim will be taking Isaac to a Barnes and Noble about an hour from here for a book signing with Glenn Beck, to whom we have listened for years on the radio and now watch daily on Fox News. Years ago the most offensive thing he did was "Moron Trivia" on Fridays during football season (you had to be there). Now he seems to be one of the few voices of common sense in looking at the bigger picture of where our country is headed. It has been easy for the "mainstream media" to label him an hysterical hatemonger, and those who don't listen to what he is actually saying or understand where he's coming from simply won't get it. But what he has to say resonates with our family and his sincerity is genuine. Perhaps his delivery is off at times, but his message is right on target with our own concerns.

Now, I am one to shrink back and let others speak for me when it comes to matters beyond my ken. But it seems that allowing the few to speak when Washington can ignore them by labeling them as "merely the fringe" is increasingly irresponsible. I missed the Tea Parties, not wanting to get involved in what I didn't yet understand. I'm slow that way. Yet it is time that I educate myself on the matters at hand. I want to get involved and join with the voices that are speaking up so that Washington must hear. God gave us a free country and a system "of the people, by the people, and for the people". With my children's future at stake I cannot afford to sit back and stay silent.

With this in view, I have joined an online group inspired by, but not associated with, Glenn Beck. A Sisterhood of Mommy Patriots appears to be a network of like-minded Moms who are concerned for the future of our nation and seeking a way to get involved. This is just dipping my toe into the edge of the pool, but maybe, just maybe, it's a start. My calling is first to be a wife, then a mother. I will never be a Sarah Palin. But perhaps it is time for the care of my children to include efforts to secure their future...

(Please don't label me a hatemonger or a racist, I would rather learn about and discuss the actual issues. Again, I'm slow, but teachable.)

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Karen said...

You are hardly slow. You are one of the brightest articulate women I know.
I, on the other hand, am not very educated in geography, history, nor politics. I wish Beck didn't come on at such a bad hour. 5 PM is a terrible hour for me to watch his program. I don't have time to watch it at any other time either. Sometimes I feel sad & that I'm missing out on learning more. God has revealed to me His word and I will have to be content with that.
The few times I have watched him though I've found that his emotional pleadings make my heart beat way too fast.