Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Autumn is Here,... ?

According to the calendar, Autumn is here. It arrived yesterday, with overcast skies and hot, humid temperatures. Threatening rain that never materialized, today's thunderstorms also haven't happened. Today Jim helped me get another small portion of the yard re-landscaping finished, getting weed and ivy roots pulled up and the ground tilled, raked and seeded for grass. The humidity and gnats insured that the small task was tortuous anyway, and we couldn't finish fast enough.

I suppose that the Summer being wetter than any we have experienced accounts for all of these gnats. There are so many that breathing and even blinking become hazardous activities. Once we have a frost they should be done- I hope. Sitting around the fire at night they aren't a problem, so that outdoor activity is still available to us. But the clouds of gnats are making anything else so unpleasant that we'll just stay inside as much as possible.

What a wimp I am. Chased inside by clouds of aggressive gnats. Yuck.

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avalarue said...

An internet friend in the Chicago area calls those gnats "no see 'ums"! She said they were out in thick swarms in her yard too. Must be the humidity.

I guess we're the only region that is really enjoying Autumn! On Monday the high was 97, but Tuesday we were down in the 60's. It was lovely! Even enjoyed the rain, which we haven't seen in months.

You might be digging up icky germs in your yard that are making you sick. Hope you're nearly finished. Thanks for giving us Kate for this week. Someone else's loss is our gain!