Monday, July 12, 2010

Yet Another Graduation!

Now that we have Bekah's graduation under our belt, we had another one to enjoy. Isaac was finishing 6th grade, and at the Intermediate School they always have a graduation ceremony to commemorate the occasion. We had gotten an email from his teacher to notify us that- unknown to Isaac- he would be getting a special award. Jim and I went on over to the school with Kate and Bekah; Erin walked from the High School, as did other siblings still in classes.

The sixth graders had all dressed up, and the parents of girls had bouquets of flowers ready. Isaac and a number of other kids received an academic Honor Award for achieving a grade point average of 3.7 or higher. He was pleasantly surprised as he was called to come forward and shake the Principle's hand and get his award. At that point Isaac had not yet found us in the crowd as he usually does, but by the end of the whole ceremony he had.

When the time came for the general graduation roll to be read, they had each child stand where they were with their class to be recognized. Sweet, silly boy- he looked right at us and waved.

Isaac with his teacher, Mr. Stauffer.

Summer had now begun.

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