Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Valley Forge Hike

The last Saturday in June, the Scouts were going to take a hike through Valley Forge, and Jim volunteered me to go along since he couldn't. This was a real treat for me, because I haven't been along on one of their outings before, and I know that this is a terrific group of kids and adults who are a major influence in the character development of my son. Experiencing this first-hand was going to be fun.

We met up early to carpool over to Valley forge, and I ended up riding along with Butch and his two boys, while Isaac rode in Gary's vehicle with Fred and the rest of the boys. Getting there didn't take long and we began with the Welcome Center just as it opened. There was a guide they were going to follow in order to earn a medallion, and the guys would be going from one point to another, using their compasses and other skills to find each next stop, kind of like a scavenger hunt.

The day was warm, and then it was hot, as we hiked 9 miles, give or take, through the park. We saw many deer, lots of tourists, and various groups of runners and bicyclists. The historical points were fascinating, and we learned more than I did when just going with the family. When we got to Washington's headquarters, in fact, we watched some folks working an archeological dig int he yard, finding bits and pieces left behind by the Colonial Army so long ago.

We never actually got lost, but I think we all agreed that we added to our hike with a wrong turn or two. All in all, it was a great day, and we were all glad to see the cars and the road home once we were finished. I, of course, took photos, and you can follow us through the park here.

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