Friday, July 09, 2010

But Wait, There's More

So we have gotten as far as the graduation. Let's see, we then had a graduation party which was a lot of fun. Shopping at Sam's for the needed items the day before was a huge help, since Bekah and I were preparing all of the food besides the cake. (The cake I ordered from the same lady who made Kate's cake three years ago.) Dad spent the day with us again, his final day before heading home.

Saturday morning we were up early and cooking away in the kitchen, preparing the house, re-arranging the furniture and getting the backyard ready for an uncertain number of friends and family. I seem to remember that the weather forecast was giving us a bit of anxiety, since we really wanted to focus outdoors. But no anxiety for our graduate- she focused on the food. Slicing and dicing, boiling and draining. She made mountains of macaroni and potato salads, deviled eggs, guacamole, onion dip, and cole slaw galore. I had chicken marinating and burger meat ready to go, as well as a whole lot of hot dogs. We set the dining room table up for buffet serving and were simply overflowing with bountiful goodness.

There were things in the yard to prepare as well, so Jim and Isaac focused out there. Our friend John Schuchman came early to lend a hand and before long a volleyball net was up and ready for action. At three o'clock friends began to arrive, and before long the house and yard were a-swirl with activity. I got the grill fired up and filled it with the meats. Yum!

In the weeks prior to Bekah's graduation I had been working on a slide show of photos from the day she was born to present. I had time to put a few shots from the graduation in the day before the party, and we had that running in a continuous loop on the TV. This is probably my favorite part. Our dear friends here have not known us for more than four years now, so none of them watched my kids grow up. Showing them her baby pictures was a lot of fun.

Speaking of pictures, here;s a link to the album on Facebook!

The party was a success, with the food, fun, and visiting. At the very end, after most folks had already gone, the promised rain began to fall. A gentle ending to a perfect day.

And we had enough potato and macaroni salads left over to feed a family of 14 for two months...

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