Monday, July 05, 2010

Rebekah’s Graduation!

Even though almost a month has passed, it's still hard to fathom that our Rebekah has graduated from High School. There's something about graduation time that is so hectic and hurried, that the reality of what is occurring doesn't sink in until it's over and done with.

Let's see, we dropped Nathaniel at the Airport early in the morning on a Tuesday, and five hours later my Dad arrived from Texas, having driven up for the graduation and missing Nathaniel by a whisker. With Dad's arrival the countdown began. By this time Rebekah has finished her finals and is in the thick of rehearsals and graduation preparations. We have been so blessed to have Dad join us for each graduation, and he arrived exactly when he said he would, right about 11 o'clock in the morning. I now realize that his Navigation System was giving him an expected arrival time all along,… but my Dad has always been that accurate himself, so it's hardly cheating.

With Dad's arrival the countdown has begun. There will be shopping to do, dinners to make, formal dress on two occasions, and ceremonies to attend. Dad will be leaving before the party on Saturday, but the crowning event, the Graduation ceremony is on Thursday… tick tock.

In the rush of things that week, the whole point of the activity almost got lost among the plans and preparations. Rebekah was graduating from High School. Our third baby was celebrating a major milestone in her life, the achievement of her high school education and the beginning of the next phase of her life. There really is too much hustle and bustle around such an occasion to keep focus on the importance and gravity. Then again, maybe all of the rush keeps us moving when we might be tempted to stop everything just to marvel that twelve years have flown by in the blink- or two- of an eye!

Our first evening with Dad we went out to dinner at Fridays, since Bekah was working, and she being the focus of our week and the reason Dad was even here, it seemed appropriate to be in the same establishment with her. Erin and I left early for our running class- but that's another post.

Wednesday Dad arrived at the house bright and early and we spent the day together. Between shopping, looking at Aunt LaRue's photos on Facebook, and planning meals and activities it was fairly exhausting. We were planning to make our favorite dinner, Chicken Scarpariello, for Dad's visit, and the Rebekah made Zabaglione to go with fresh berries, yet it was all too hurried and rushed by the time we dashed off for the Baccalaureate ceremony at the school. Dad had both of his cameras with him, so Kate used one of those, Dad shot with the other, and I was shooting with mine as well. Never has a single graduate been more thoroughly covered by her own personal paparazzi…

All too soon the big day arrived. Graduation day was Thursday. Already.

Bekah had a final rehearsal in the morning, the rest of us had much to do, and finally, the time had come to get dressed and go. The graduation was taking place in the Sovereign Center in downtown Reading, so we had plenty of room and hadn't had to scrounge for tickets as we had with Kate's graduation. Bekah left early, picking up a friend to take along for the early gathering of the graduates. We all left a bit later, riding in Dad's SUV, since it had enough comfy seats for us. Armed with cameras and enthusiasm, we arrived before the doors were opened and joined the growing crowd outside the Center.

I could go on and on with details of finding our seats, waiting for the ceremony to begin, the ceremony itself, and so on and so forth, but I won't. That is all meaningless jabber to obscure the precious moments. Spotting Bekah walking into the arena in the processional; tall and beautiful, walking with a confident stride. Being spotted by her almost as soon as she got to her seat among the hundreds of graduates. Her sly smiles at us periodically throughout the evening. Watching her walk across the stage and receive her hard earned diploma. Her ear-to-ear grin of triumph as she returned to her seat. Throwing the hats into the air as the class of 2010 were declared to be graduates. Finding her among the throng outside the Center after the ceremony for hugs, tears, flowers, and photos.

After it was all said and done we made our way home to have a late- late- dinner of homemade Sauce Bolognese over penne pasta with salad and fabulous bread. Dessert was Rachel Brackbill's magnificent strawberry rhubarb pie- oh yum! Bekah was so glad to get out of the heels she had chosen to wear for graduation and into comfortable clothes, as were we all. Laughter and relief accompanied our meal. Oh, what a feeling. Really, really finished with High School. How very amazing.

We are looking forward to having Dad come up sometime for a non-occasion, relaxing visit. But what a treat to have him be here to see his Grandchildren graduate. Family is important, truly.

I am so proud of my Rebekah. My heart overflows.

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