Monday, July 12, 2010

Yard In The Works

Ever since we first looked at our home, the backyard has been a focal point for us. With the space and privacy, we have wanted our yard to be welcoming for guests and outdoor fun. Last year we took care of a large marshy area in the flat space out back, which is now perfect for a volleyball net. This year we turned our attention to the hills which were covered with difficult-to-care-for landscaping and had grown into a jungle.

Before: (look for this tree in the first "after" shot!)

So Jim rented a big machine and went to work ripping the hillsides apart. With help from the kids and some strong young men from church, over the course of a few weeks we got the nasty jungle torn out and the hillsides de-rooted, de-rocked, raked smooth, seeded and blanketed with straw. We now have grass growing in the space that had forbidden entry, and it is now open and welcoming. Room for the hammock under the previously inaccessible tree is a blessing, as well as having a lot more flat space up top to eventually add a picnic table and maybe a raised bed or two for veggies.

Continued progress


Sooo glad to have this phase finished. Now, what's next?!

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Nathaniel Kelly said...

Looks great! Nice to see that hill covered in something other than dirt.