Wednesday, September 02, 2009

First Day of School!

It's that time again! School began Monday and in an uncanny turn of the weather, it suddenly feels like Fall! The temperatures are down, the light has changed, and there is just a feeling in the air that makes me want to cozy up with some apple cider...

But I digress. Rebekah, Erin and Isaac are back to school. Rebekah is a Senior this year and more excited about school than we've ever seen her. This will be her third year in the Culinary program at the Tech and she is thrilled to be at the top of that heap. The lessons in the kitchen get more interesting and involved and she will be given more responsibility as well. Maybe she'll even teach me to properly fillet a fish! Bekah is also driving, so she is quite happy not to be riding the bus, on days that a vehicle is free, that is.

Look who's got the keys!

Leaving early enough for the parade.

The first day of school for Seniors was rather special. They were to meet in the school parking lot early to decorate their cars for a parade around town! then they had a Senior Breakfast in the cafeteria. Bekah drove my car instead of the van so that she'd have a nicer vehicle for the parade and came home sporting "Seniors 2010" all over the windows. We are glad to encourage her enthusiasm and pray that this year gives her a good launching pad for her future.

Senior 2010!

Erin is now a Freshman and is still finding her way around the High School. She is still involved in Student Government, so that takes the edge off of being at the bottom of the food chain. Her personality won't allow herself to feel at a disadvantage once she gets a feel of how things work at the school. We are confident that she'll be running the place soon.

Isaac is in 6th grade at the Intermediate School, which is completely renovated and looking like an entirely new building. This year he has his first male teacher, with whom he seems pleased so far. We have learned that Rebekah is technically too young to be picking him up after school, so until we iron that wrinkle out he will be getting home around 4:30 on the bus. Yuck. I sat down with Isaac last night to go over his math homework and already he is breezing through terms and operations that are entirely foreign to me- and it's only review!

Waiting for the bus.

Off to school!

Friday night is the first football game of the High School season, so we'll be in the stands cheering the Mustangs on to victory and enjoying the community involvement and excitement.

And so it begins...

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