Saturday, September 19, 2009


I normally don't mind too much when I come down with a cold- after all, when else do I get a break from the hectic routine than when my body enforces it with fever, chills, and aches? But this week I simply don't have the time. This illness is inconveniencing not only me, but the family that we invited to dinner for tomorrow and now need to cancel, for the second time in two weeks; the yard work for which the weather is finally perfect; and the bake sale to which I was supposed to deliver muffins- which would be a biohazard if I made them now. I will miss a second consecutive week of church and Sunday School, to which I was really looking forward this week.

The house is quiet, for now, and I have some time alone with my feverishly swimming thoughts. Catching up on my reading might be a possibility, if I could hold a consistent train of thought long enough to insert new information in the messy filing system of my brain. Fortunately there is already homemade chicken soup in the fridge.

I'd better make a phone call now, before I slip away into a Milo-induced nap. Let's hope next week will work for this dinner... (put roast into freezer....)

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Kate Kelly said...

Poor Mommy! I hope you feel better super soon =(