Monday, September 14, 2009

New Beginning for a New Bible Study!

September has arrived, the kids have started school, and a new Bible study for the women of Covenant church has begun. This year we are studying the Book of Hebrews. Rather, we are beginning in the Old Testament to build a foundation upon which we will study the Book of Hebrews. Along with the women who accompanied me last year in an exploration of the Attributes of God we have some new faces around the table. The study guide we are using was written by my teacher and mentor from Florida, Toni Barnhill, and this will be my first time through it myself. Hebrews offers a look at Christ through the lens of the Old Testament prophecies about Him. After the crucifixion, on the road to Emmaus, the risen Lord explained to two downcast disciples how it was shown in the Scriptures that the Christ had to suffer and die in order to accomplish salvation. I imagine His exposition of the Scriptures may have looked something like the book of Hebrews, written later by an anonymous apostle.


The supremacy of the atonement accomplished by Christ on the cross was pointed to in so many ways throughout the Old Testament, and so far outshines them all, and yet, they almost missed it. Hindsight being 20/20, we marvel from our point in time at the confusion of the disciples and Pharisees who were standing right in the middle of the events of our salvation. They not only couldn't see the forest for the trees, they couldn't see the tree for the bark! Of course, it takes the same power now as it did then to open blind eyes to the truth- the power of God, (Matt. 16:16). Now the Book of Hebrews lays it out clearly for us all to see, from the Pentateuch through the Prophets, how Jesus shines out in the pages of the Old Testament. The first question in chapter one of our study will be answered over and over again as we go through the Word this year: "what was God's original plan for His creation"? The answer: "With God there is no plan B". Christ stands at the fulcrum of history, accomplishing the salvation that we so desperately need, after having proved our utter inability to gain it for ourselves. We have the blessing to look back across 2000 years and see the cross and the plan of salvation with clarity.


All praise and honor and glory to Christ, our risen Lord.

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