Saturday, September 06, 2008

Kentucky Trip- Post 1

Driving to Kentucky with Kate at the helm of our little Pontiac ship has thusfar been smoother than I anticipated. We are provisioned with snacks and beverages and have only needed to stop once for gas- yet. Our plan is to drive straight through, munching as we go, and arrive in Danville around dinnertime.

The weather is fabulously cooperative for our road trip; sunny and clear. I’ve heard rumors that one of the hurricanes might dump some rain on us, but we’re not too worried- we lived and drove in South Florida. I could drive with a firehose shooting at the windshield, and Kate should be alright as well.

By now it may be clear that I am writing in the present tense- yes, my laptop is riding along on my lap and giving this passenger something productive to do. Having already read the Wine Spectator magazine and most of World, (I forgot Tom Clancy at home) I figured that front-loading what promises to be a very blog-worthy weekend with some thoughts now could be an interesting way to pass the time.

(Kate wants me to mention here that she is wearing shoes as she is driving,… there are laws…)

This weekend I am meeting Alex’s family, (sans Dad) for the first time. Kate, Erin and Isaac have already made this trip and each have declared how very wonderful the Larsens are. Mary and I have already spoken on the phone on a few occasions and are friends on facebook where we virtually share coffee, bumper stickers and messages. A mutual love for wine has determined some of our cargo on this journey, which will be shared over Bruschetta made from home-grown tomatoes- yum! Someday we hope to do some scrapbooking together, specifically Alex and Kate’s story. When my kids made this trip to Kentucky in June- twice- they came home with precious few photos. I plan to remedy that situation this time around.

Zooming through West Virginia… signing off and hanging on!

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