Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Back to Field Hockey!

Erin is back onto the field with her hockey stick and her team. As an eighth grader this year she had expected to be playing on the varsity team, but 21 ninth graders chose to play down on the Middle School team, so only a few of last year's junior varsity team were able to move to varsity. Unfortunately, Erin wasn't one of them. So she, while disappointed, feels that she is able to help the new girls who are playing for the first time.

Erin has also had a couple of "injuries" that have slowed her down right at the beginning here. She hurt her right arm playing outside with her friends- also field hockey players- the week before the first game. The Athletic Trainer at the High School had been taping her arm before practices and games. Then at the end of an away game she and a player from the other team collided, knocking heads. Concussion was initially ruled out, but we were told to watch her closely. She was fine, besides the headache and the bump that lasted a few days.

When she plays she certainly gives it her all!

Once again, we are blessed to participate in a car pool to get these girls home after games and practices. Not only is it nice to have help with the driving, but the girls in our little group are all so nice- as are their parents!

Rhianna, Megan, Danine, Erin, Daisy, and Erin Bleacher

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