Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fall is in the Air!

I have, after a Summer hiatus, resumed occasional walks with my buddies Heidi and Suzy. Being another pair of friends made outside of my church, I feel more connected to my community somehow in my relationship with them. Yet it goes deeper than that. Not only do we solve the world's problems as we pound the pavement, we encourage one another, we laugh, we share our frustrations, our dreams, and our hearts. Heidi's my "cuz" after all, being a Wallace. (her Dad's name was Guy William Wallace III!)

That said, I played hooky from our walk Thursday so Kate and I could spend some time together, drive around and take pictures of the beautiful stuff that we see on our walks. Don't you know that along the way we ran into Heidi and Suzy- pounding pavement and exhilarated by the fresh air and the accomplishment of reaching a farther goal. (That I missed out on, sigh, can't have it both ways.)

Enough said, here are a few photos from that little expedition.

me, Heidi, Suzy- the wearing of red was not planned,
we're just that 'in synch' with one another... HA!

I love it when the sunlight filters through the corn like this, and it's at that
brief point where the stalks are almost looking purple...


Morning sunshine... there's a hopefulness to it.

"Why, hello!"

Aren't these little fellas cute?

Such a blue sky...

Yup, fall is coming.

Down the road...

Oh, what a feelin'!

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