Thursday, May 01, 2008

Flowers, S'mores, and Nobel Peace Prize

I finally have photos, inadequate as they are to capture the glorious beauty, of some of my flowers. I look at the pictures and think, they're far more beautiful than this! I got a few more planted today, and started a bed of Spearmint! That mint will spread and spread without a solid border, so we planted it in a small bed up against the house and bordered by a concrete sidewalk. I can't wait to have fresh mint sprigs in my iced tea again!

The green backyard

Amazing Azaleas

The front flower bed
Sweet Pansies
Dogwood blossoms

Meanwhile, the time has come to start having campfires in the backyard again- and what are campfires best for, but making S'mores!

S'more Joy!

Last night Kate and I served at the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce and Industry's annual dinner at Franklin and Marshall College. The event was huge, over 2500 guests in attendance and about 170 servers working. Once we had finished the serving of appetizers, cocktails and the meal, we were able to sit in the back and listen to the Distinguished Guest Speaker, Nobel Peace Prize Recipient, Muhammad Yunus. No photos, but a lasting impression...

Here at home, Milo has been banned from our room since Jim prefers breathing to not. So our cuddly Kitty has found alternate arrangements... The "cuddl-ee" in this photo would be severely aggravated if her (oops) name were released to the press, so she shall remain anonymous.

And lastly, Isaac has discovered a talent heretofore unrealized...
Ciao for now!

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avalarue said...

BA, the flowers are gorgeous! The azaleas remind me so much of Monroe and especially Mimmie's yard in the spring. I have such a stinted expectation of Pennsylvania. Who knew there was so much beauty up there! Keep posting pictures and correct my impressions! Sending love to all.