Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fort Mifflin!

This weekend was camping at Fort Mifflin with the Webelos! I have to admit that originally, I wasn't too keen on the idea, but it was a blast!

When we arrived we discovered that not only was it near the airport, the Fort was directly in the flight path for landing aircraft! Every 4 minutes, like clockwork, another jet flew right overhead... After several hours we barely flinched anymore.

Sleeping overnight in a national landmark, Revolutionary era Fort, is fascinating enough. Learning that it was the subject of an episode of "Ghosthunters" on the Sci-fi channel is just a teeny bit unnerving. We had the choice of tent camping in the grassy area or sleeping in the barracks. I chose the barracks since our family is sleeping in tents next week. Then, right before we went to the bonfire and S'mores, Wayne the caretaker regales us with stories of the "other" inhabitants of the fort- one of whom supposedly occupies the room almost above where I was planning to sleep- alone. I don't believe that ghosts have any power to harm me- but I am susceptible to a good case of the "willies" now and then- and this was a tailor-made case!

Cassandra Trostle was kind enough to join me in the room for the night and we weren't disturbed once- slept like babies.

Enjoy the slide show- pass your mouse over the individual photos to see the captions! (some of them are cut off- sorry)

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