Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Glorious Weather = Little Time For Blogging!

What a gorgeous week we had last week! The sun shone, the temperatures were up, and we were outdoors gardening, mowing and generally soaking up the warmth! I may actually have finally thawed out!

Saturday the 19th was a momentous day for our family. Isaac had his Blue and Gold Banquet with Scouts where his whole den moved up to be a Webelo II Patrol- the Flaming Phoenix Patrol to be precise. The Banquet was fun, with a catered BBQ dinner and an interactive Drum performance by a local group.

I had to leave the Banquet early because Erin's school play began before the Scouts were finished, and she was in it! Since several kids dropped out a couple of weeks before the play, Erin's homeroom teacher volunteered her to be one of the replacements. She played the make-up artist for a school play, and did very well. Her lines were delivered clearly with projection to reach the whole audience, and her manner onstage was very comfortable- not a trace of anxiety. That's our confident girl!

Because it was the Middle School play and not the High School play, only the family members of the cast and crew were in the audience. But we were pleasantly surprised to see our neighbor walk in with a bevy of Erin's friends! Michelle brought her daughter Erin, her niece Linaia, and our other neighbor, Daisy. They brought a "bouquet" of lollypops and Kate brought flowers, so we had a big reception waiting for our star when the play was finished!

Meanwhile, the sun has returned after a day and a half of rain. The rain is quite welcome since we did a lot of planting and transplanting this weekend and our little plants need water. The daffodils are almost finished blooming, the dogwoods and azaleas are blooming at last, and the sweet little pansies are beginning a long season of delighting us with their blooms! We're just having a blooming good time up on our hill! Photos of the dazzling display will follow in another post!

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