Saturday, May 17, 2008

Army Ball, Mother's Day and stuff...

As expected, Kate had a marvelous time at the Army Ball in North Carolina. Seeing Steve was such a treat and Alex was just as nice in person as on the phone. From going to the movies, to taking them to get their hair done to midnight snacks of Ben & Jerry's a great time was had by all. The Ball itself was, according to Kate, more like a High School dance- with plenty of booze- so it didn't quite live up to Jane Austin's descriptions. But getting all dressed up and being escorted by a handsome and gentlemanly, (and sober!) soldier made up for what was lacking in atmosphere...

Kate and Alex

One major highlight for Kate was the day after the Ball when the guys took the girls to the shooting range! Kate had a blast- ahem- learning to shoot a 9 mm handgun and a Colt 45. In fact, my baby did rather well and fairly impressed those Airborne Infantrymen! Steve declared that she could snipe with the 45 after watching her grouping her shots so nice and tight. Takes after her Momma... Those boys sure know how to show a girl a good time!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Mother's Day was a whole weekend for me, thanks to my sweet family. Flowers arrived on Saturday, sent by Nathaniel from Hawaii! Such a beautiful arrangement, they are still beautifying the dining room. When he called though, his voice seemed strained, and it turns out that he had broken a finger two days before while playing football! He went to get it checked out and wrapped up. Another vivid reminder that my firstborn is out on his own and taking care of himself now. Wow.

Sunday morning I was surprised by a number of gifts awaiting me outside. Springtime being planting time, and our home being ours, I've been planting things that will last a long time. My dear children helped that cause along by choosing shrubs that I've been eye-ing in others' yards which will now adorn our yard as well! Not only things to plant, but a birdbath for our feathered friends too! We set it right where we can see it from the windows in the front of the house.

...and Whoopie pies too!

Dappled Willow, cute little multi-colored shrub.
Bird Bath!
Scotch Broom, the flowers are a favorite with Hummingbirds and Butterflies.
Azalea with yellow/orange blooms- unusual!

And speaking of our feathered friends, I caught a photo- through the window, of our little neighbors who have moved into the gourd on the lamp post! Isn't he cute?

For dinner Sunday, Bekah made a baked French Toast dish with pecans, which was fabulous! So nice, not just to have a weekend off-duty, but to relax with the kids and enjoy one another. We had made a point to "schedule" absolutely nothing for the weekend so that it didn't fill up with running hither and yon the way most weekends seem to. Relaxing, refreshing and simply nice. Aaaahhh.


avalarue said...

She had to have been the most beautiful belle at the Ball! What an exciting weekend for Kate. And what gorgeous flora you have around your home. You certainly have an eye for landscaping, and conveniently lots of planters to help you! Just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Your Aunt LaRue is showing me how
to add comments to your Blog. We
have arrived safely in Seattle.