Thursday, May 31, 2007

Early Summer Beauty

While trying to keep my mind off of the new contacts in my aching eyes, I thought I'd share some of the photos we've been taking in our yard. As Summer approaches it is growing lovelier every day and we are discovering new blossoms and plants all throughout the property.

First, on the porch, is the herb garden in pots right outside the kitchen windows where they are handy for quick snipping while cooking.
We bought two half-barrels from a Mennonite farm in order to plant some tomatoes and peppers on the deck . These barrels smell like they did have whiskey or some such spirit in them before being cut for planting!

The view from one of the flower beds in the upper yard, looking down to the lower yard, in the early morning sunshine.

White Peonies are opening all over the place- I always wanted peonies!

The pink peonies the kids gave me for Mother's Day.

One of the varieties of Iris blooming thus far.

The azalea that I planted next to the mailbox, as well as my Mother's Day azalea, have the biggest blossoms I've ever seen on an azalea! This one is pink, the other is coral- gorgeous!

There are so many colors of Columbine in the yard, through the wooded areas as well as in the flower beds. They are so delicate and fairy-like. Random chance or design? No question!

I purchased this Iris on sale at the nursery. If it's a perennial and on clearance- why not?!

More Columbine, dark purple this time.

And now light purple...

and pink!
Down at the end of this wooded path we found the biggest surprise yet...

A GIANT Wisteria! (the photos simply can't do it justice) In the evening the whole lower yard and the woods smell of this wonderful fragrance. I had been telling Jim that I so wanted a wisteria once we prepared a spot for one, and now we find that it's the biggest blooming plant in our yard!

Except for perhaps this tree, covered in delicate yellow tulip-like flowers.

It may not be blooming, but there is life here. This cute little birdhouse was hanging in one of the shady areas when we bought the house and we left it alone. Walking past it last week I was startled by a tiny bird flying out of it! There is a nest, so it will remain right where it is!

That's all for now, what the photos can't capture is the near constant birdsong from a thousand birds, the fresh air and the singing of my heart. We are so very blessed to be able to live here surrounded by such beauty. If all creation sings God's praises, then our two acres are lending to the chorus quite sufficiently.

Praise the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits!

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Audrey said...

BA - We loved viewing your photos, your new home is incredible...and your flowes, wow...

praise God!