Thursday, May 10, 2007

Spring Really Has Arrived!

Okay, this time I'm sure, Spring is here! If we have a blizzard this weekend nobody will call me overly optimistic for deciding that it's indeed safe to pack away the turtlenecks. The time for switching out our winter wardrobe has arrived and the kids are wearing shorts to school. No more sweaters or socks, short sleeves and flip-flops are the order of the day. Isaac has finished his soccer season, but the coach has offered to keep the boys practicing in order to improve their play and hopefully love of the game.

More exciting than changes in wardrobe however is the transformation occurring outdoors! Hostas and flowers are already bursting from the ground in full glory. Azaleas and dogwoods are in full bloom throughout the yard and we even found a lilac bush displaying her fragrant wares yesterday. The woods are no longer carpeted with only last year's leaves, the bluebells and ferns are taking over. Everywhere the delicate, multi-hued blossoms of Columbine are dancing in the breeze. Not only are the birds back in full force, but they're hungry enough to empty a full feeder on a daily basis! Their songs throughout the day more than compensate for the feed we're pouring into them.

Due to the return of growing grass we have finally purchased a lawn tractor- a gorgeous Huskvarna that will not only keep the lawn mown, but also assist in hauling chores. When the time comes to start pulling out the evergreen ground cover that is swallowing the flower beds our Husky will be equal to the challenge. The yuccas will also take some effort to remove, but it will be worth every bit.

Now that we are beginning to see what is planted in the yard, we are making some decisions about what to remove. While the evergreen stuff growing low to the ground may have been a low-maintenance choice to plant, we'd rather replace it with something softer to the touch and the eye. Had our yard been a blank slate I wouldn't have known where to begin. But with so many beds defined and planted it's easier to see what to keep and what to change.I've planted some pansies in the beds near the front door, thrilled to contribute my own bit to the landscaping.

Speaking of change, We are about to have another huge shift in our family. Kate will be graduating in a few short weeks! It's so hard to believe that the time is almost upon us. We have calendars after all- how did it sneak up like this? Plans for the graduation are swinging into play now with my Dad returning for the festivities and a gathering to celebrate. Prom will be in two weeks, so that is also in the works and causing no little bit of excitement.

Oh, the excitement!

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