Tuesday, June 12, 2007

JEEPERS! Kate's a Grad-U-Ate!

Graduation week began with Erin's 6th grade graduation ceremony at the Intermediate School. She is now an official Middle Schooler- yikes! (I have no idea why this is all underlined, and can't get it to go away! sorry)

Erin and Megan

Papaw arrived on Thursday, having driven up from Texas. We're so glad to have him here for the festivities! Here he's taking pictures in our yard to show Charles.
Kate, in fact, the whole family, worked feverishly to complete the mosaic that she began in art class. She used our coffee table, at my request, and the top is now far more beautiful!

Since the air conditioning is down, and then the ceiling fan lost a blade, Dad bought us a new ceiling fan which he and Jim installed before the graduation party. They even resorted to reading the directions!

Isaac and Papaw face off over the chess board. Dad has played his whole life, and Isaac seems to have a natural gift for the game- it was close- really!
Bekah put up the badminton net in the back yard- what fun!

And the board swing, designed by Jim, and patiently coated with urethane- layer by layer, by Bekah, is finally hung from the big tree!

Kate finishes one of the many coats of lacquer on the mosaic tabletop. The sunset beach scene comes to life under the shiny lacquer, the shells on the beach portion looking as lovely as when we first plucked them from the Florida sand.

Kate and Papaw, on the way to the Baccalaureate service, which Kate participated in organizing.

Kate and Laura stayed up all night assembling these memory posters for the class of 2007.

Brigette, Kate, David and Laura after the service- on the march towards graduation!

Dairy Queen in honor of Erin's graduation! Yum!

Last day of school the younger three dye their hair- Isaac's idea...

And it stayed like that all day...

Erin's so blue!

The dye washed out and all dressed up, we wait for the High School Graduation to begin!

Kate received her diploma, wow!

Photos with everybody afterwards- what an exciting night!

Kate and the Germans, Laura and David. Sadly, this highlight also marks the end of their stay here...

Laura with our whole family.

Out for a special lunch with Papaw and the graduate.

It's official! Kate has graduated from High School. Praise the Lord.

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avalarue said...

Yayyyyy! Congratulations to ALL the graduates in your household! Thanks so much for posting pictures so quickly. Glad to see that Papaw made it safely there. Keep us posted on your Pennsylvania summer!