Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Kate's Prom!

I'll apologize right now for how very many photos I've put here, but there were so many good ones that I couldn't choose which to leave out! And it is, after all, Kate's Senior Prom!

Isn't she lovely?!
Blue Steel...

Mike arrives for the flower exchange- don't stab him Kate!

...and the corsage, so pretty.

Outside the front door, slowly working their way to the dance...

Such a gentleman, holding Kate's door.

The gang's all here for pre-limo photos! These were taken at Val's house, (blue dress) just down the hill from our home. These are some of the nicest kids and they all shared a table at the prom. Although most of them have grown up together, they welcomed Kate into their circle with warmth and friendship.

The lovely ladies!


And the fellas- ham it up guys!

And, of course, the Paparazzi!

Kate and her best friend Laura, our German Sweetheart.

Mike and Kate.

The whole gang next to the stretch Expedition- wow!

They stopped on the way at the ice cream stand where Val works to fortify themselves with milkshakes for the evening ahead.
One last stop at the school before proceeding to the dance. Governor Mifflin has been under construction for the entire year, yet it's still the High School most of these kids have attended, as did their parents, for 4 years and is loved in a way only "community" can explain.

All told, the dance was terrific fun and Kate enjoyed herself there and at the school-sponsored "post-prom party". Now we are moving toward graduation in a couple of weeks, oh my!

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avalarue said...

Yes, she is ABSOLUTELY lovely! Thanks for posting pictures. Give her a big ole hug from us.