Friday, May 11, 2007

Night of the Arts

Last night was the annual District-wide Art Show. As a Senior portfolio student, Kate not only had a large display of her work, but she herself was on display working on a painting in the art room as people meandered in and out.

Her display in the show included photography and a charcoal self-portrait,...

pottery and paintings,...

Including her series on playground memories, (see the shoes?).

Erin and Isaac also had work displayed. Erin's class made clay masks.

Isaac designed a "Recreational Vehicle".

Once we soaked in the artsiness, we had to get over to Isaac's school where he was participating in the class play, "Rats!" Based on the Pied Piper of Hamelin, the show was adorable.

The rats stage their coup-

Isaac delivered his lines flawlessly- his part required being interrupted and starting again, something for which he's been training his whole life!
(The picture is kinda dark, but he's in the middle, wearing the vest.)

As the school year draws to a close there will be much busy-ness, but last night gave us a glimpse of what fun the kids are having when they're not cramming their brains full of knowledge! So cute, so fun, and making friends in the process as well!

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