Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Calm Now

The children are all back in school and Jim has gone to work. Vali and I had a nice long walk this morning and then I made various phone calls and folded laundry. Something I want to do this year is work more with our parakeets to better hand-tame them. They're much more pleasant when they can come out and play.

In fact, Cutie-pie is playing with her bell swing on the table next to the computer as I write. But Baby-blue seems to be hiding somewhere... They were both here a minute ago, but when I left the room momentarily I returned to only one bird. The Christmas tree is still up, but thus far I haven't seen him among the boughs. After searching all the hiding places that I can think of, crawling around on my hands and knees, I've decided to wait him out. He and Cutie-pie will start chirping at one another before long and his position will be given away. I sure hope!

While yesterday was quite foggy and somber outdoors, today is gloriously sunny and bright. Cold at the bus stop this morning is giving way to a warmer feeling. The kids are so anxious for snow, but days like today are so few in winter that I'm certainly willing to wait for snow. When the sun is shining throught the windows it helps keep me going with what I need to do throughout the day.

Something else that has lifted my spirits was finding an email from Nathaniel this morning, and he apparently has his new server built and running. He is well, but has reported that none of the multitude of cookies sent have survived. They were all very well appreciated.

I hear chirping, so I'd better run!

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avalarue said...

I've been wondering about those cookies! Glad to know they were appreciated.